Are you winter ready?

While we would all like autumn to hang on a little longer, winter is already in the air. Before it gets here, there are things you need to do to ensure your static caravan is prepared for the elements. The last thing you want is to come back in the spring to wild animals, rodents, and busted pipes.

Taking these few winterisation steps before closing up for the season will prevent costly repairs and nasty surprises.

Draining Down
The pipelines on a static caravan are largely exposed and vulnerable to freezing temperatures. The best thing you can do it drain all water from the pipes before closing up for the winter. Flush all fresh water and toilet systems and drain them completely. Then drain them according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Because any water left in the pipes through the winter season can freeze in the pipes causing them to burst. If your manufacturer recommends clearing out the u-bends, considering having this type of work completed by trained professionals or the maintenance staff at your site.

Emptying Out
Before leaving the caravan for the winter, empty all valuable items of course, and gather all personal items. Bed linens, curtains, cushions, duvets, and even small rugs should be removed to promote airflow and prevent mould and mildew from forming. Heavier items like mattresses and seat cushions can be stood on their sides to promote air circulation.

Consider removing all electrical items to prevent any dampness seeping into the wiring.

Opening Up
All interior doors and cupboards should be opened and cleared of belongings. If you decide not to take the curtains, consider leaving them open to help thwart potential break-ins. Contrary to popular belief, your static is less likely to be broken into if potential thieves can see that there is nothing to steal, and if they can be easily seen.

A thorough check of the exterior of the caravan should also be conducted before leaving for the winter. Your check should include any fittings or fixtures to ensure they will hold up against the cold weather. Any cracks or gaps should be filled to prevent pests from getting in. If the caravan has skylights, ensure they have no cracks and repair any leaks. Check under the caravan also; make sure there is no grass or debris that will be attractive to wildlife.

Goldcrest offer a service to ensure you caravan or mobile home is winter proof, our drain down service is simple to arrange, call us to discuss how we can help you